Going down this path was a change

For myself and the future

The start was very strange,

But the wound needed a suture


Sacrifices made in order to cope

Reach new goals, eyeing them through the scope

To build myself up out of my pure new hope

Now I’m being eyed down by a hanging rope


Letter forming a stake, not giving me a break

Never sleeping, always being awake

Pressure is on, drowning in a lake

Now is the time to escape


Smoking to take the edge off

Surviving through the cough

It’s a second by the buzz off

Snoozing, letting the fire burn from a molotov


Disappear for a time

Not missing a dime

Concentrate on the climb

Frustration asking for crime


Don’t give up now,

But also don’t bow

Be yourself, always

Don’t get lost in the darkened hallways

Fight the case.


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