Sit down, let’s have a talk

You know that you’ve caused a lot of shock

In everyone living in this country

The person behind the trigger is hungry

For bodies of people

Mental fuck all happy and gleeful

The bullets calling dibs

On the heads of innocent kids

Look what you’ve caused

Bullets fly, the world paused

Ten dead, from another crazy head

Sprayed down a school and then fled 

They really had nothing to gain

They just cause the pain

Every single channel on the topic

Speaking about it like it’s just a bunch of gossip

Fact is, the weapon shot

The barrel not blocked

Safety off, no more rounds all locked

Ready to fire the glock

You raised my generation

In the movies, the songs

Shit, I had one on occasion

Even at a celebration,

But look what they’ve made you do

You’re so popular too

Everyone loves you

You’re a killer, that’s true

You cause chaos out of the blue

We debate over the laws

Trying to create a clause,

But funny thing is

Pop quiz!

Death is at its dawn

When everyone else is dead and gone

Who’s going to be around in the end?

It’s the tungsten gun that will be your only friend

Rest in peace.



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