Death is unexpected,

But you’ve been elected

Now your soul has been collected

Past mistakes now reflected

I don’t know why you left

There’s still so much to be said,

But I can’t blame you,

And the reaper committing theft

On your life, such a precious view

I’m stuck down here, no idea what to do

‘Cause you had everything, in the right path,

But you made the wrong moves

Your commitment to death is wrath

I’d give anything to get you back

To hear your laugh

Sinful and evil, with free will

These gaps in logic, I’m trying to fill

I wish I had the strength to kill,

But this weight is crushing, energy at a nil

I’ll go on the same route you took

Half hearted, dark soul, classic crook,

But you’ll have to wait

For now just look

I’ll meet you at the gates

When I’ve been judged by the fates

A piece that I worked on with a good friend of mine, Con. It’s something new, so we hope you enjoyed reading it! He might actual start publishing on this more often as an author if he accepts my offer, so look out for that.


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