Monster – should I be scared of them? Should I have courage and face the monsters that I fear? Are they truly monsters or are they actually demons that wear masks of horrific things. A make-believe thing, but demons nonetheless. Monsters under the sins and dirt. Under the bed, hanging from the ceiling, hugging the corners of my living room wall. Surrounding me with a deep darkness, but with a false light illuminating me through stone corridors reeking of rotten flesh and bone marrow. Screams being heard from the shadowed up world with a dead sun falling from the sky. Glance after glance, the sharp teeth spread wide. A vicious smile. An evil smile. Letting me know that I am not alone. That I have a friend clinging onto my shoulder the entire time. Not leaving me. Not looking away. Not dropping that smile. My shoulders ache, but with the nails digging into my skin I continue to walk. Vanished were the stone walls and now in an open world where the night engulfs me into a deep chasm. One step and another step every light post I pass the brightness dies down. Feeling the fear of the rupture that the twilight brings. 

Monstrous; It passes through me with a delight that I have never felt before. With many to thank, but never to say. Evil and darkness, I can’t say whom from. I can’t say for how long. Pulled out, cocked, pointed, and shot. Please no. No, no, no. Along with a deranged laughter screaming yes. With no more care and one final farewell I turned up and bang. Smoke and blood. Dropped and nothing. This, that, and love forever. Monstrous indeed. Live now or never. 

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Welcome back! Slightly off the regular post. Thought this was a little interesting to write nonetheless, so I hope you all enjoy the piece. Of course, we’ll be seeing some new poetry soon. Maybe in the next few hours or tomorrow. Also when I say new, I actually mean new. Well, old too, but I’ll be adding a new type of poetry called ‘Found Poetry.’ Something I recently just did in one of my classes. I’m sure everyone will find them interesting as well. 

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