Wanna submerge myself in the deafening music.

To feel the illusion of it for my own amusement. 

Its flow so sweet to my ears.

Terminating all my childish fears.


One illusion breaking another deception.

No more illusive fears, but rather friendly perceptions.

Gone are the hurtful tears, and welcome cordial protection.


Plunging into the lyrical sweetness.

A cure for the loneliness.

Chained to my mind is darkness.

But can be broken off by the stream of lyrics and beats.

Thump, thump. Release.

Screams of a broken self comes surging out. 

Dipping into a lake of harmony.


Shutting tired eyes and drifting to the sound.

Wishing this will hydrate me for eternity.

But knowing I’ll have to return to the battleground.

In order to feel the sweet flow of divinity.

Which is music.

The language of insanity.

That explains humanity.

Just so perfectly. 


Immerse Cover Photo


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