Living in a world that is so mythical.

Idealistic views that are never achieved.

Looks from people who are so critical.

Equality? That’s only a myth you believed. 


In a society where money rules and divides.

The thing that decides,

Who is lower and who is higher. 

Cash wise, the less you have, the more you desire.


The thought of having stacks of green.

Is what motivates people into working. 

Believing that having money is what gets you seen,

You might be seen, but eyes of hatred is what is actually lurking.


Your status is decided by your net worth.

Don’t front, unless you paid your rent first. 

Can’t make it? Don’t think you’re forever cursed.

The amount of commitment that you put in is what hydrates your check thirst.


A world that is equal, is very much mythical.

With so much competition embedded into our mind.

Everyone is so blind. 

So, how is all of this permissible?



Ideal societies are just dreams and myths. Feel free to believe in them, but don’t forget about the competitive world that we live in. 

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