This election is such a joke.

Bickering and being stubborn, which makes them only provoke.

Each side bashing the other like they’re the only ones correct.

But keep forgetting that all opinions need to be shown the same respect.

That’s what this country is built upon.

Having the freedom to express opinions freely without being told you’re wrong.

And that you don’t belong. 


Hillary Clinton and the scandals of her past.

Makes her look evil like she’s an outcast.

No trust to ever be given.

She doesn’t deserve to ever be forgiven.

Corruption and fraud are what she does best.

Protecting this country? Hell, she’s going to be controlling us like the rest.

Wonder how many lives she took indirectly.

She probably thought she was doing everything correctly.

By the system? Perhaps, but on the moral side she lost. 

Karma has a way to come around and sooner or later she will feel the cost.

No trust to ever be given.

Hillary Clinton; the only thing you deserve is a life-sentence in prison.



Donald Trump and his dense mind.

Seems like all of his followers must be blind.

He has no deference. He has no respect.

Voting for him in the present and in the near future you will regret. 

How is someone like that the nominee of a party? 

Kind of scary to think he’ll be commander-in-chief of the army.

Not just the army, but the entire military. 

A person that believes that waterboarding is necessary.

Scapegoating Islam to campaign against immigration. 

Seeing this happen live, just makes me wonder how he fits the qualifications. 

Obviously showing discrimination.

Donald Trump worshipers will still say he is a motivation. 


Can’t wait until this election season is over.

So the stress and the arguments will be lifted from our shoulders.

Just my thoughts on this election season and the candidates. If you haven’t, you should register to vote. Although the choices aren’t the best, it’s still good to go and vote, so you’re expressing your rights. 


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