Dear 14-year-old me, 

You’re expecting change, but be ready for more and more.

Soon you’ll have to say

Goodbye to your home and hello to something bigger.


You’re going to meet a lot of new friends.

Some that will stay and some that will leave.

Learning that most of them are irrelevant.


Enjoy and cherish the stories you read right now.

Because when you leave, you’ll stop.

Not knowing why, but you’re going to be done with that hobby.

But don’t worry, you’ll find something new that you’re going to enjoy a lot.


Your whole mind-set will change about twice in these next few years.

Innocence that you’ve carried around since childhood will be shredded. 

The out look on life you have right now, will change drastically.

So be ready for some real talk to happen


Tears will be dropped.

For many different situations.

Sadness will overwhelm you.

But you’ll get over it soon.


Don’t get too comfortable with your surroundings.

Because things will happen.

And it will hit you hard.

Just thank your angels that you’re a quick adapter. 


I’ll give you a little insight of the future.

You’re sitting at a computer.

Typing away with your phone buzzing every five seconds.

Questioning the friendships you have and getting nervous of what’s to come.

Reaching this point, you’ll still have to work hard.


The future is very cloudy and unpredictable.

Just stay focused on yourself.

And never give up.



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