The world is burning down from an undying fire.

Sooner or later we’re going to reach the day we expire.

Fighting and causing all of this sorrow will get us nowhere.

On top of that, leaders of the “free world” are acting like they care.


They write a speech of how we’re going to stop terrorism and save the world from hatred.

When it’s all for publicity and fame. Our time listening and following them will be wasted.

They’re not saving the world, they are part of it’s destruction.

It’s our job to stop them and change the world with a new form of construction.


Everyday we see some kind of violence going on in the world we live in.

We can’t allow ourselves to become numb from all of this; we can’t give in.

Corruption has taken over our lives.

We need to work together, so that the world survives.


All of this is happening so fast.

Makes me wonder how long the fire will last.

Will it burn society until it’s in ashes?

In the end will the entire human race be in caskets?


All I know is that this era will be unforgettable.

Everything that has happened in this world has been unpredictable.



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