Let them leave everything behind and go on an adventure.

An adventure through the mighty world, conquering it all together.

Living life out in the open world only has people wondering;

How are they so happy? Without no form of suffering.


The happiness came when they finally erased the sorrow.

Now they just roam the planet until there is no more tomorrow.

This will be a long, but amazing journey.

Remembering that all of this is very worthy.


The only problem is that this is only a dream.

Waking up, he’ll be back doing another dirty scheme.

Still, it is his job,

Trying to support his life with each step he takes giving him another heartthrob. 


Wishing he could be out on that adventure to nothing.

Chasing whatever he wants until he reaches something.

Something that makes him stop and think.

Think about his life which makes his heart sink.


Everything he does seems to be incorrect.

All that he ever wanted was some form of respect. 

If he went on his voyage, he wouldn’t have to worry,

But that people tie him down, his vision of the world is blurry.


There is no such thing as escaping. 

Living in this world, all that you can do is start hating. 

But if he takes his strength he’ll be able to fight.

Fight off the hatred and doubt that everyone thinks is right.


This is his life. Let him live it by doing whatever he wants.

Don’t shackle him down because you’re scared he’ll never come back giving you a response.

Let the adventure take him, 

To many realms of joy and laughter, where everyone is singing a lovely hymn.



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