Shadows devour the sight of the light.

Chained down, unable to move, all you can show, is your fright.

With all the pain that you intake, all that is in your head is death.

Being bashed down by rough fists; you believe with every crack onto your face will give you your last breath. 


In the distance you hear crows coming closer and closer.

With each caw that is heard, your body becomes colder and colder.

Believing that the grim reaper is finally here to take you.

Fooling you is the dark hallucinations that make you believe that your peace will be true. 


This darkness, that has engulfed you, will never leave.

You’re stuck here forever and all you can do is grieve.

Embrace it and fall into your fate.

No matter what you do, you can’t escape the world’s hate.



4 thoughts

  1. I enjoyed this poem, I rarely find poetry that rhymes yet this morning I have found two in a row. The rhythm and tempo work well also. I must admit darkness ls a great prompt for a poem.

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    1. Thank you very much for the feedback! I like any type of poetry, but my favorite to write is with a rhythm because it’s easier to connect with it then.


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