There’s no such thing as being perfect.

When everyone is actually just the same.

Why are we following all of these stupid norms that tell us lies of what is correct?

Never understood why people try to fit into someone else’s frame.

It’s not built for you, it’s built for one person, so what do you really expect?

It’s funny seeing how people undermine themselves just to play in a devilish game.

In this game, it’s almost impossible to gain some form of respect.

In fact, you’re not going to receive any because you’re so full of shame.

Don’t come crying, when it’s your fault that everyone is showing you neglect.

No one told you to follow these norms, so you’re going to have give yourself the blame 

After you hit your 40s you’re going to look back at the choices you made and show only one thing; which is regret. 

Perfection is only part of the unique and wonderful. The sad thing is, that they’re the ones that cause everyone to strive to be the same. 



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