People say this generation will not be as successful as the last. They say we have been brainwashed. Becoming part of a system that only has addicts. I do get offended, but there are moments where I believe that they are right. Seeing that the only thing that bothers majority of the youth, is what the next update will be like on a social media app. If you think about it, it’s really depressing and sad. Knowing that your generation is hooked to a phone almost every minute of the day. Technology has advanced so much that it’s basically a drug. Giving teenagers the satisfaction of being connected to WiFi and never looking up. Interactions, face to face, with each other is important and you shouldn’t ignore it. Although it is very handy to be connected and able to talk with your friends even if they’re across the ocean or country. I’m not saying that your phone is stupid and should be thrown away; I’m simply saying that you should balance out your life with technology and the world itself.


I watched a video on Facebook of a poet who was going on about this issue and I was very inspired to create my own poem about my generation. So, here it is. 


This generation has a problem.

Being devoured by technology and never climbing up from the bottom. 

We’re literally stuck. Looking into our phones like it got the answers,

But it has nothing, only a fair share of fake chances. 


Yeah, sure, you can start something up with your phone.

Just remember the choice you made when you’re all alone. 

Do you really want to be looking at a small screen for the rest of your life? 

Or do you want to enjoy it and see some crazy wildlife? 


I have to say that I’m a little guilty. 

Looking at my phone almost the entire day and afterwards thinking, “Really?”

Not dwelling on that act because I know for a fact that I’m not as bad as some of you.

Seeing that most of you can’t interact at all and staying in your room with only one view. 


Then most of you chumps out there saying that my generation is “bad.”

Look at yours and tell me without lying that you weren’t mad.

Going around saying we’re no good and not as bright. 

I really can’t take you seriously when you say you’re always right.


Don’t judge us when your generation was as bad.

Not in the same way and I’m actually glad;

I would hate to be part of a generation that is super homophobic and racist.

That’s why I embrace mine, so I can live happily with all of these beautiful faces. 


All we have to do is put it down.

So, our generation isn’t looked at with a frown. 


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