The way she smiles,

Makes his heart run miles.

The way she laughs,

Makes his heart have blasts.


Although he hasn’t known her for long,

He is already relating her and himself to a song.

Her beauty stuns him and he tries to get rid of the thoughts,

But it’s impossible because he already has the “crush” spots.


This is his dream girl.

The one that causes his stomach to swirl.

Fell for her hard and can’t get up.

Stuck to the ground because he’s scared of being blown up.


He wishes he never fell for her because her hand is already warm.

These feelings make him wish he died in a horrible storm.

The warmth is from another hand that keeps her company.

He just hopes that company is replaced by a new somebody.


This journey would be impossible and he could only dream.

He can just hope that one day they will both be part of the same beam.


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