Morning birds are chirping with delight.

With the star up in the sky giving us the warming light.

The warmth and breeze that carries the smell of Spring, also brings out the forever stored kite;

That flies high above with it’s beautiful design of the dark night.

Spring time is around the corner.

This finally brings the happiness to the mourner,

And everyone in the country is with bliss, even the foreigner.

No more need to be worried, so sit down and enjoy it without being a warner. 

Didn’t you miss the leaves of life?

Why is the world still full of strife?

You. Man of a family. Ignore all of that conflict and enjoy the company of your kids and wife.

You. The saddened child. Put it down.. You don’t need that knife.

The rain is disgusting, but lovely at the same time.

As it ruins people’s day to go outside, but also gets ride of the grime.

The windy day comes and gives us the beautiful smell of that small little dime.

Everyone calls it illegal, but I identify it as a beautiful crime.

Welcome to the Spring time.

Where everything is at it’s prime.

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