Street – Response

Walking down a narrow and bumpy road

When you came across a small but wise looking toad

 It went, “You’re near the dream, but watch out for the owed.”

With that said, the toad hoped away, leaving you in confusion, which definitely showed


You kept on strolling further down

Finally reaching some sign that read, Borrow Town

Your lips formed into a small, but truthful frown

Wondering why the town was named with such an oddful noun


Entering the town, you saw a horrifying sight

Destroyed houses, naked trees and dark shadows that gave little to no light

People started coming out on to the street and stumbling towards you, which made you scream out of fright

You automatically started to fight them, although felling uneasy because their looks seemed to be ready to smite


Exiting the town, you remembered the words that the toad had said

That must have been the owed, you thought and now you’re relieved that you are not dead

Thinking about the people, but instantly removing the thoughts, you continued down the road instead

But this time, you take your steps with a softer tread


Finally reaching the end of the road

You looked back and thought of the town and what had showed

The dream was definitly near, but you had to overcome the owed

Because if you didn’t, you would’ve been stuck and overflowed

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