As you read this, are you observing my words, my tone, or my language? Many people only decide to observe when asked to, and that’s when reality strikes them. Giving them a viewpoint they’ve never even thought about before. It’s hard to believe that there are people out there that are generally observant their entire life, but saturating that thought more and more, it makes sense to be observant in a world filled with lies. Yes, you have to maneuver around opinions and facts all the time, but would you rather be living with lies or with the truth? 

There’s a saying, “The truth hurts.” which is probably the realest quote ever spoken by someone. Three words that describes a beautiful, yet dangerous word. I say, that if you want to live happily, then go on the path of lies, because it’ll give you whatever you want. They’re not real. Fantasies being told in a vivid and real world. If you think you can take the pain and sadness, then the truth will be open to you. Open your eyes and let reality take over. People who still live under lies are asleep. They have their eyes closed, while people who see the truth have their eyes open. Those people are awake. They’re feeling the reality that has to be felt by all, but isn’t being felt by all. 

Be the observant one. Drown out the lies that are being spilled all over and open your eyes as you take in the world as it truly is. 

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