Voice – The Daily Post’s prompt:

So, your voice is powerful. It has the power to persuade, intimidate, and show many different emotions. I’m almost 100% sure that if you ask someone “Do you think your voice is powerful?” they will simply reply with a rejection, but with no explanation as to why they think their voice isn’t powerful. Humans have grown to be dependent on words and their voice to express any emotion they are feeling, while undermining their own body language. I am not saying that body language isn’t important, it’s actually the opposite of that, but I am simply saying that your voice can achieve way more than just the movement of your body. The voice has evolved many times throughout history, maybe even more than humans themselves. This just shows how complex and unique a voice can be. You could actually say that with the voice given to humans, that is how we control the world, because we are the speakers of this world, making any other animal inferior to us.

Do you think the human species should have a voice? This is a question brought out to anyone who has the desire to reply to it, but for my answer I believe they shouldn’t, just because of the way we use it. We haven’t used this privilege in a good way possible. We’ve only used it to create conflict and lies in this world. Creating oppressive societies where people follow norms that are not natural to the human mind, but seem to be natural. This is a perfect example of the power of someone’s voice. We took the thoughts spoken from one, or at least a small group of men’s voices and created a society which only revolves around their views and world values. This undermines the other views and world values that the rest of the world has. With generations after generations having followed these viewpoints, they created the social “norms” to actually make people believe that these were the natural ways of humans. Which is absolutely false because no human can actually decipher the mind that is stored in our brains. 

The power of your voice can be the change in someone’s life, so I advise you to use your words and voice wisely while conversing with others. 

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