The young man hears a faint tapping

Looking up he said, “Who is that at my door rapping?”

It transferred over to a little knock

That he wanted to ignore because he was tired as a rock

Unmovable, he listened to the thing outside

Loud and anxious it was, so he just stayed abide

Plugged in his headphones to drown it out

But then it turned into an outrageous shout

“Why is this pest annoying me at such time!?” he said

“Can’t it see that I’m trying to dream in my head?!”

Nothing had stopped, as the shout became a bark

This was it, he’s had enough, he will go outside and send it back to the dark

Opening the door, ready to shout

Was surprised, when there was nothing about

The only thing about, was the breeze and dark that lifted up the dead

The sad thing is.. he heard all of it in his head

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